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I have attended several writing workshops during my 22 years of legal experience, but none as informative and as specifically tailored to my writing as the one offered by BWB. My only regret was that the workshop was not longer.
—Judge Wayne A. Brooks, Esq., Maryland Office of Administrative Hearings
"All the BWB worksheets contained participants' own examples so everyone was totally invested in the process. This gave the workshop a real dynamic, which is so much better than a standard boilerplate course."
—Dan Portwood, Senior Editor, National Security Technology Department, APPLIED PHYSICS LABORATORY, JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, Laurel, Maryland
"I thought the BWB workshop was fun, informative and it provided team building. Not only did we learn from the instructor, but we also learned from each other. Every participant contributed."
—Mert Howard, Esq., Continuing Legal Education Partner, Hanson Bridgett LLP, San Francisco, CA
"I just wrote a book review, and all the things I learned in the BWB workshop kept popping into my head. I would not have felt comfortable doing this if I hadn't taken the workshop, which made me a more confident writer."
—Diane Cho, AIA, Principal, CHO BENN HOLBACK ASSOCIATES, INC., Baltimore, Maryland
"I thought the BWB workshop was outstanding. It definitely helped improve my written advocacy. I highly recommend it."
— Hugh Marbury, Esq., Partner, DLA Piper Rudnick Gray Cary LLP, Baltimore Office
"The tailored approach, using your own material, was extremely helpful. One can see an immediate difference while the BWB workshop is progressing."
—Tony Powell, FCA, Partner, KPMG, London
"The BWB workshop eliminated my fears about writing and gave me the confidence to take a writing class at University of Maryland where I am pursuing a degree. The exercises using our own work were great. We received immediate feedback."
—Sandra Villatoro, Customer Service Representative, CAREFIRST BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD, Washington, DC.
"The BWB workshop was extremely helpful. Good writing reflects your soul, which helps me when I do articles on sensitive areas in medicine."